• New Canaan Society 2015 Conference Opener

    New Canaan Society 2015 Conference Opener

    An opener for the 2016 New Canaan Society national conference in Washington DC.

  • Motion Design Reel 2015

    Motion Design Reel 2015

    A selection of work from 2015. Music: Switchback by Generdyn

  • Change Their Story 2016

    Change Their Story 2016

    Change Their Story 2016 – A Christmas campaign for Children’s Hopechest

  • Commission Opener

    Commission Opener

    Live action Narrative Intro for the Commission Conference.

  • Disciplr


    Promotional video created for Disciplr

  • Motion Design Reel 2014

    Motion Design Reel 2014

    Some motion design and VFX work from 2014.

  • GYFT


    I had the opportunity to work with Sandwich Video on this project for Gyft. I did the […]

  • Truecar


    I had the opportunity to work with Sandwich Video on this project for Truecar. I did the motion […]

  • The Hult Prize

    The Hult Prize

    This is an animation video created for The Hult Prize to play at the Clinton Global Initiative […]

  • Desperation Conference 2014 Promo – EHC

    Desperation Conference 2014 Promo – EHC

    Live action, modeling, and composite done on this spot for Every Home For Christ for the […]

  • Reach A Nation

    Reach A Nation

    Live action footage shot in Mexico, London, and Ethiopia.

  • Motion Design Reel 2013

    Motion Design Reel 2013

    Some motion design work from 2013.

  • Experience Heartwork

    Experience Heartwork

    A motion graphics illustration for Heartwork

  • The Priest’s Son Documentary

    The Priest’s Son Documentary

    Feature documentary produced by Every Home For Christ, which has won two Telly Awards

  • Will You Join the Movement?

    Will You Join the Movement?

    Motion graphics piece done for Every Home For Christ

  • Jerusalem Timelapse

    Jerusalem Timelapse

    Sunrise timelapse from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

  • Roof Robot

    Roof Robot

    Robotic. Sound design – www.lukeatencio.com

  • Desperation Video Blog Bumper

    Desperation Video Blog Bumper

    Created this quick bumper for Desperation Student Ministries video blog/podcasts.

  • Motion Design Reel 2012

    Motion Design Reel 2012

    Some motion design work from 2012.

  • Day/Night TimeLapse

    Day/Night TimeLapse

    TimeLapse from 2 different locations in Colorado. Featuring music by Luke Atencio

  • Desperation 2012 Intro Cube Animation

    Desperation 2012 Intro Cube Animation

    Projection using Projection Mapping on a surface of 2’x2′ cubes. Created for the Desperation Conference in […]

  • Colorado Springs TimeLapse

    Colorado Springs TimeLapse

    A couple of time lapses from the top of the old Fish Market in downtown Colorado […]

  • Motion Design Reel 2011

    Motion Design Reel 2011

    Here’s a collection of some of the work I’ve done in the past year. Featured Music: […]

  • Change Their Story

    Change Their Story

    Client: Children’s HopeChest

  • Reach 5000

    Reach 5000

    Client: Every Home for Christ Check out this intricate motion graphics piece that incorporates live action, […]

  • We Are DLA

    We Are DLA

    This is a promo I did for DLA in Colorado Springs, CO. The entire animation was […]

  • Barcelona


    Here’s a little video from the Barcelona show in Denver. Had so much fun meeting and […]

  • Lucky Book Trailers

    Lucky Book Trailers

    I was contracted by friend/author Glenn Packiam to a pair of book trailers for his new book Lucky. […]

  • Web Videos

    Web Videos

    Client: White Stone Marketing White Stone Marketing is a Strategic Design and Marketing Group. I was […]

  • New Life Worship Opener

    New Life Worship Opener

    The focus of this timelapse is Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, and is a series of […]

  • 2010 Motion Graphics Reel

    2010 Motion Graphics Reel

    This is a collection of the work I have produced using motion graphics. I enjoy creating […]